ITA002: James Clear – Manage Your Energy Not Your Time

by Nicky Hajal

James Clear is an entrepreneur, writer, weight-lifter and travel photographer whose captured photos in over 20 countries. 

His writing has appeared in Fast Company, the Huffington Post,, Lifehacker and much more. Over 100,000 people are signed-up at to receive his twice weekly articles on behavior-change and habit-development.

In this episode we’ll go into the core principles that drive James as well as the nitty-gritty details of how he does so much at such a high-level.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why James avoids time management and what he manages instead
  • How he sets up his environment to make doing his best work easy
  • How to achieve (or at least approach) mastery in several disciplines
  • The specific system he uses to handle his emails and stay on-top of his inbox
  • The system he now uses (after many iterations) to manage his employees
  • An insane number of great analogies to keep you focused on what matters
  • The weirdest thing about how he works

Thanks to Ronald Jenkees for his permission to use his track Alphanumeric as the theme for Into the Action

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