ITA001: Jenny Blake – Hanging Out with the Gremlins

by Nicky Hajal

For our first episode of Into the Action we had on the incredible Jenny Blake!

Jenny graduated college with a double-major in just 3 years before going to work at a startup in Silicon Valley. She then moved on to Google where she worked for 5 years.

She set off on her own when the success of her blog, Life After College, continued to grow and she published a book by the same name.

Right now she’s working on a new book, the Pivot Method, as well as a meditation app she cofounded called Lucent. She’s also the Director of Operations for an urban-farming startup in Brooklyn called Spring Ups.

She’s amazing and I loved digging into how she produces such great work.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How planning gave Jenny the freedom to live her unconventional life
  • The way she approaches new skills she’s learning
  • What Jenny does to keep her momentum going on days when she’s in a funk
  • What the resistance looks like for her and how she deals with it
  • A strategy she used to become more productive than ever during her busiest months
  • The details of the writing system she’s using for her latest book
  • The weirdest thing about how she works

Thanks to Ronald Jenkees for his permission to use his track Alphanumeric as the theme for Into the Action

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