ITA003: Nathan Barry – Teach and Tell Stories

by Nicky Hajal

Nathan is a designer and developer who grew a following when he started teaching everything he knows. He’s released 2 successful courses on design, a book called Authority and is currently building a tool to help authors with their e-mail marketing called ConvertKit.

In this episode we’ll go into the strategies Nathan uses to get so much done, learn a wide variety of skills as well as the behind-the-scenes of how he’s been approaching his latest projects.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 2 most important strategies Nathan uses to consistently stay productive
  • The areas of business he spends time on every day to ensure success
  • How Nathan organizes his tasks and chooses what to focus on
  • Nathan’s mindset on marketing that makes it easier to approach and much more effective (his results prove it!)
  • The challenge and benefits of focusing his latest product on a specific, targeted audience
  • A powerful insight that helps Nathan get feedback from people most qualified to give it
  • Plus: the weirdest thing about how he works

Thanks to Ronald Jenkees for his permission to use his track Alphanumeric as the theme for Into the Action

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