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No more end-of-day frustration.

Lay in bed at night proud of the great work you've accomplished.

ActionAlly is an effectiveness app that helps you plan and accomplish your most important tasks, every day.

"Just started using ActionAlly and I am already impressed. I'm really looking forward to using this and already paid for it."

Hiten Shah, Co-founder at KISSmetrics & Crazy Egg

ActionAlly appears above all your other open windows.

Every time you get to your computer, ActionAlly will be there, ready to channel you into your most important work.

No more sitting blankly trying to figure out what to work on. No more drifting to Facebook.

Now you have an ally that makes sure your attention is being used effectively.

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Master Your Attention

"If you're at all ADD like I am, you need a constant reminder of what you're doing and why you're doing it. This is the app I've been waiting for the past 5 years."

Jonathan Mead, The Movement

ActionAlly makes sure you always plan tomorrow's most important tasks.

From the moment you install ActionAlly, you become the kind of person who effectively plans their day.

As you're finishing up for the day, it will appear and ask you to plan tomorrow's most important tasks.

You'll clarify not just the what but also the how and why of your tasks.

When you're clear on what to do, how to do it and why it matters, suddenly work is a whole lot easier.

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Plan Effectively Every Day

"ActionAlly is the only thing that's been working consistently for me. I love how it pops up automatically so that I can plan and re-align with my mission every day. It makes it much easier to stay on track. "

Max Nachamkin, Author of Body Language

Use pomodoro-style work sessions to focus for specific periods of time.

The remaining time in your session is subtly displayed in the menubar of OSX.

ActionAlly can even block your most distracting sites just while in your session.

Throughout the day, you can track how many sessions you've completed to clearly measure your effectiveness.

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Focus with Work Sessions

"I've really been enjoying ActionAlly. It's helpful, user-friendly and beautifully designed. This is the breakthrough I've been looking for!"

Justin Shepherd

If you have to stop work in the middle, Future Notes make it easy to get back into flow.

If you're in the zone but have to stop working for a bit, it can take hours to get back to where you were.

With Future Notes, you can write a quick message to your future-self that will help you quickly get back on track.

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Easily Get in Flow

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Plan your day every day, easily get started on your most important tasks, get and stay in flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call ActionAlly an "effectiveness" app?

If you're currently spending time checking emails and sending tweets, sending twice as many emails and twice as many tweets would be more productive but not more effective.

The purpose of ActionAlly is to transform you into a fundamentally more effective person.

That's who you become when you consistently plan and execute on your most important tasks.

Why are you giving away a free trial?

ActionAlly is pretty different than other tools out there so it may be difficult to understand just how valuable it can be.

That's why we want to give you the opportunity to give it a try for free.

Click here to try ActionAlly for Free
How much does ActionAlly cost?

If you find ActionAlly valuable after the 7 day trial, you can keep it forever for a one-time payment of just $37.

The important question to ask yourself is "How much more money would I make if I consistently completed my most important tasks?"

I like the todo app I already use,
can I keep using it?

Absolutely! ActionAlly isn't meant to replace whatever apps you like to capture and manage all the tasks you have for your various projects.

ActionAlly is only for your most important
daily tasks.

Who made this?

Hey there, thanks for asking! I’m Nicky Hajal. I’ve been obsessed with making things since the age of 4 when my grandma bought me my first toolbox.

I started programming when I was 11 just for fun and haven’t stopped since.

What do I need to run ActionAlly?

Any Mac computer running OSX Mavericks or later!

Is it available for Windows?

At the moment, no. If you’re a Windows user interested in ActionAlly, please let us know here.

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Download ActionAlly – for Free!

Plan your day every day, easily get started on your most important tasks, get and stay in flow.

Free 7-Day Trial.

You'll get more done with ActionAlly in the next 7 days than you have in the past month.

Try ActionAlly for free - no credit card required. Just tell us where to send your download.

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